New Trailer – Assassin’s Creed (2016)

Anyone seen the new official trailer for Assassin’s Creed??? If not, do. It’s awesome.

Due for release December 2016, this film is adapted from the video game series made by Ubisoft. Personally, I haven’t played the game much (nerdy fact: I enjoy watching video games being played and I have watched this game a LOT) but I feel the film is going to incorporate the right aspects of the games in the best possible way. Hopefully it will be made in such a way that it will keep avid gamers happy but also allow new audiences to just enjoy it as a film.

[FYI: anyone who hasn’t played the game and wants to, this trailer alone kinda gives away the whole foundation of the game.]

Being brought to you by the amazing team behind Macbeth (2015), Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard team up again with Justin Kerzel at the helm. If Macbeth is anything to go by, this film will be cinematic as f*ck! Set in Renaissance times, the first indication of timeline we get is “Welcome to the Spanish Inquistion” so the movie may or may not incorporate the games of Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood or Revelations. I’m also interested in this female assassin character that has popped up in the trailer… Either way, I am excited!

Let us know what YOU think!


What do YOU guys think?

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