Review: Belvedere ‘The Revenge Of The Fifth’


Belvedere released their fifth full length album The Revenge of the Fifth on the 5th of May via Lockjaw Records. Belvedere was formed way back in 1995 but the band broke up in late 2005 (I’m sensing a lot of 5’s here….), and after seven years apart they finally came back together for a reunion tour in 2012, which led us to now. The Revenge of the Fifth was recorded at Echo Base Studio in Calgary and was mixed and mastered at the Blasting Room in Colorado.

Being 5 years old when they formed, I wasn’t familiar with them back in the day, but I can see why they were so well loved at the time. They have a nostalgic punk sound that’s tailor made for the background of skate videos, like so many bands back then. But they still fit nicely into todays music scene, bringing back a well-loved sound that isn’t as common now as it should be.

Despite this being their first new record in 12 years, they sound far from rusty. Taking two years to write, these skate-punk legends have brought a fast, passionate, pure and messy sound. Their musicianship has increased to incredible levels, thankfully there’s a lot of instrumental moments that they can show it off with.

The energy levels are consistent in each song and the vocals are hard hitting, raw, and melodic. If you weren’t a fan back then (or if you were a tiny child like me), you definitely will be now. Get the album now on itunes and bandcamp!

Words by Lissa


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