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Pretend Happy- I’m Home

Taken from their Tired Eyes album, Pretend Happy have released a new video for their track ‘I’m Home’. The video was shot by Sam Brown.


Bailer- Anti-Venom

‘Anti-Venom’ is from Bailer’s debut EP Shaped By The Landscape which is out now. The video was shot by Rob O’Halloran, Paul Flynn, and Sean Conway.


Blink 182- Rabbit Hole

Blink 182 have released an old school track called ‘Rabbit Hole’ taken from their highly anticipated upcoming album California. Is it July 1st yet???


Moose Blood- Knuckles

We featured their new single ‘Knuckles’ last week, and now we have a video to go along with it; think Little Miss Sunshine but with werewolves. Sadly not Tyler Posey though. It was directed by Lewis Carter.


Good Charlotte- 40 oz. Dream

Good Charlotte have released an apocalyptic video where they find themselves to be the last band on earth. The track, 40 oz. Dream is from their album Youth Authority which will be out on the 15th of July. You can watch the video over on Hot Topic. 


Send Request- Anymore

Send Request have released a new track ‘Anymore’ which you can get on itunes, or stream it on Spotify.


Waterparks- No Capes

Waterparks released a live video for ‘No Capes’ shot over the past year. ‘No Capes’ is from their EP Cluster which is out now. Waterparks are currently in the studio recording their debut album. Stoked.


Anna’s Anchor- Signal Tower

Shot all across Ireland by Oscar Hackett, the new video by Anna’s Anchor is a good reminder of how beautiful our little country is. The track ‘Signal Tower’ is from his debut album which will be out in the Autumn.


Safe Side- In My Place

‘In My Place’ is from Safe Sides upcoming EP Blossoms which will be out July 15th.


Samuel Proffitt & Josh Jacobson- Andre

‘Andre’ is the second single from Samuel Proffitt’s upcoming EP Grey Notebook.


Face The Ocean- Chase The Sun

Featuring Alexis Pretorius from Everybody Looks Famous, ‘Chase The Sun’ is the new single from Face The Ocean.


Blacktop Queen- Blackout

Blacktop Queen released a new video ‘Blackout’ ahead of their support gig at the Troubadour last Tuesday.


Greg Clifford- You Won’t Tear Me Apart

Greg Clifford, a singer songwriter hailing from Dublin has released a new single ‘You Won’t Tear Me Apart’ taken from his upcoming album which will be released later this year.


With Confidence- Voldemort

‘Voldemort’ is from With Confidence’s debut album Better Weather which will be out on June 17th via Hopeless Records. For Jayden Seeley, Voldemort is the personification of his mental illness, and this song was a “big, happy and carefree fuck you to Voldemort”.


Chvrches feat Hayley Williams- Bury

Chvrches released a brand new version of their track ‘Bury It’ featuring Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Get it over on itunes.

Chivalry- If I Called

‘If I Called’ is Chivalry’s debut single. Such a jam, keep an eye out for these guys!


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