Interview: Popgun Warfare

Popgun Warfare are launching their new EP Skeletons in Workmans this Saturday the 30th. Tickets are €6 on the door or €10 with a copy of the EP, but they’re only €5 from Eventbrite and if you buy from there you’re entered into a draw to win a €150 voucher for Dublin Ink. Sweet!


We caught up with the band ahead of Saturday’s launch:

How are you feeling about the launch?

Pretty good. We’re feeling ready. We’ve put in so much prep work and have been working hard so we’re very excited, looking forward to it.

Who is supporting you on the night?

Chase Nova and Popcorn Funfair (nee: Chase Nova and The Everchanging Bandname) and Boom Child. Boom Child are one of the funnest band I’ve ever seen, I could not stop smiling when I saw them. Both bands are savage. We wanted it to be as fun as possible and they’re both such high energy bands. We had a big list at first and they were our favourites for the night because of their vibe.

What song are you most looking forward to playing on Saturday?

‘In The Woods’ because its so much fun, there’s a lot of brass in that song so it should be great. Our old saxophone player is coming on to play the songs from the EP so we’re looking forward to that. And our last song, which is a secret, is going to be good fun.

Where did you record the EP and did you work with anyone on it?

I (Adam- Drums) did the pre-production on it and then we went into the Media Fortress and recorded it with Bryan Courtney from Solid Gold RocketShip. It went really well we were so happy with it. It was an interesting recording experience. We learnt a lot from it.

The artwork for the EP is amazing, who came up with that concept and how long did it take for you to land on that design?

We saw some of Dan Allen’s other work and we really liked his stuff, he does amazing pieces. There was some back and forth and we gave him a bit of a concept but he had a good amount of freedom with it. It was originally going to be pink but everyone decided against that, so we converted it to yellow.

The alternative music scene in Ireland has thankfully been growing, but your sound isn’t really that common still, do you find that uniqueness helps or hinders you?

It’s kind of both, its always good to stand out and since we take elements from lots of different genres and blend it into our own sound, it means we get to do exactly what we want. But at the same time, we have elements of ska and elements of reggae but we can’t really play ska or reggae nights, so it’s hard to find where we fit into the scene. But I think it’s good to be different and stand out. There’s so many different musical tastes within the band like you have Fleetwood Mac, old style music, we’ve a few metal heads and rockers, there are so many influences and I think once we all came together our sound came organically and we’re really solidifying our sound now.

Is there anything in particular you would like people to take away from your music?

Just to enjoy themselves, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we just want people to come to the shows, be relaxed, and have fun.

What has been the most memorable moment for you as a band so far?

It was pretty memorable when Marty (Bass/Backing Vocals) got sick and had to run off stage. We have so much fun so we have loads of great memories. We were playing Edenderry and there’s a part in one of the songs where, its not quite a drum solo, but Adam is filling up most of the space and his drum stick got caught under the hi-hat and it went flying away. It was really funny, it was a good moment. That was a really good gig actually, we spend a lot of time up in Dublin so going to smaller towns is completely different, they get so into it, it’s great. We also really loved playing on the beach. Oh one time we were doing a live radio interview and Aaron (Guitar/Backing Vocals) asked what the famine was. On live radio. It was ridiculous!

I think you can definitely tell through the music that ye are all having fun doing it

Yeah on my first band practice I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life. There’s lots of good vibes. And there’s so many of us that if you’re feeling kinda shit, everyone else’s good mood can pick you up.

Do you have any advice for small town kids who are having trouble getting into the alternative music scene?

Even if you don’t live in a place surrounded by the music, there’s loads of outlets for you to get involved in. I (Shona- Lead Vocals) joined this band after answering an ad, so you just have to look for those outlets. Most of the focus is in Dublin, which is a pain with buses. If you can’t get to Dublin, put on shows yourself, all you have to do is get in touch with the bands you like and most of them would be delighted to play small towns. We’ve played community centres down the country so you’d be well able to organise your own. Never let the small town thing stop you. If you start a band up yourself, I’m (Alecksyy- Keys/Backing Vocals) the founder of Ex Oh promotions, we’re based in Fibbers, and put on shows once a month and the concept is that every band gets a chance, so whether you’re starting out or an established band you’ll get a show with me with no prejudice. I’ll take any bands from anywhere.

What do you have planned for the future?

Album. We’re going to start writing it soon hopefully, we’re aiming to record it around the end of this year. After this EP we’ve felt we’ve really found our sound, so it’s given us the drive to focus towards an album. We want to try to get out to more people and playing different venues out the country, and maybe the UK. We love meeting new people and finding new bands. We’re also hoping to hit up some festivals next year. It’s good to go out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself is the best way to progress as a band. I think we’re just going to keep ploughing through, we don’t want to wait a year before writing again, we want to keep the momentum going and keep progressing.


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