Review: Attack The Day ‘Felons’


Attack The Day released their 5 track EP Felons in April and launched it with a gig on May 20th.  Felons is 17 minutes of varying genres; they flit between grunge, punk, alternative metal, with vocals leaning on the post-hardcore side of things. But they manage this without sounding too disjointed or overwhelming. The snarly vocals are drenched in attitude and passion. The guitars solidify the EP and tie everything together, and there’s a few enjoyable guitar solos dotted around the place.

Their debut EP Shadows was raw and honest, and Felons brings that to the next level. The EP opens with one of the more punkier songs, and you’re thrown straight into the thick of it. Track 4 ‘Part To Play’ comes with a little bit of a surprise as there’s a reggae element to it, which works so well with the song. But the final track ‘Who We Are’ is probably my favourite of the EP because of its potential to blow the roof off at a live show.

The awesome cover artwork done by Kevin McHugh deserves a mention too, it’s as tough and gritty as the EP itself. Get Felons on itunes, bandcamp or stream is on spotify.

Words by Lissa


What do YOU guys think?

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