Penrose at Sea Sessions

Penrose (along with Roisin El Cherif) won their spot at Sea Sessions via the Unsigned Sessions competition where they won out of around 400 entries. Penrose are an indie rock/ brit-pop band that formed in 2013 and their debut EP Living For The Dream reached no.3 in the Irish Charts. They’ll hopefully be releasing a new album in 2017.

We got to see them play on the Saturday of the Sea Sessions festival in Bundoran a few weeks ago. Penrose are the perfect festival band, their catchy brand of indie rock has a hint of 90s britpop that transports you back to the summer days of youth.

Penrose 3

Their enjoyment on stage is obvious and infectious, it’s hard to stay still while watching them, and their choruses are easy and fun to sing along to. We caught up with them before their performance on the Saturday and had a chat:

Congrats on winning your Sea Sessions slot; how did that come about?

We just submitted a sample of our music and we won a slot! There was no big campaign behind it or anything. We were very surprised but pleased.


Is there anyone you’re looking forward to seeing over the weekend?

Well we were really excited to see Primal Scream but unfortunately they dropped out… though Ash are great, we’ll hopefully catch them! We’re also really excited for Ex Magician on Sunday, and seeing the Apres Match lads.

You played a few shows in London recently, how was that? 

Good, buzzin! We played Dublin Castle in Camden which is where a lot of Irish bands first play to breakthrough over in the UK, so that was great. It had a great vibe.

Do you have plans to return to the UK soon?

Yes, we have “Musicians Against Homelessness” coming up on the 24th of September in Northampton. It’s a series of indie/brit-pop gigs to help raise money for the homeless that’s run by Alan McGee of Creation Records.

Who is one person you’ve always wanted to work with?

Jeff Lynne, and maybe Damon Albarn, that would be cool! And Ian Curtis, even though that’s impossible.

Penrose 1

Is there anything in particular you’d like people to take away from your music?

We just hope they have a good time and that they want to come back and see us again.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is having a hard time fitting in?

Keep at it, you’ll find your way. Stay true to yourself. Don’t give a shit about anyone else!

What do you have planned for the future?

We just want to keep spreading the word, continue playing as much as possible and of course hopefully come back here back year!


Words and photos by Lissa Breen



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