Review: The Split Seconds

the split seconds

DC based foursome The Split Seconds released their self-titled album on the 8th of July via Holy Mother Records. All of the proceeds from the digital sales are donated to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. They bring a 90s/70s cross-pop-punk sound that will leave you feeling nostalgic and pumped up. The Split Seconds also dabble in some other areas, there’s a sense of California surf punk and grunge thrown in there too, in very small doses.

While they hail from way across the pond, their subject matter is something that we can relate to all too well over here, namely frustration at a government that continues to care less and less about its youth as the years go on. It’s full of catchy hooks, hard hitting riffs, and good old fashion punk rock melodies. The guitars are what most strongly brings the 90s element to their sound with Green Day worthy hooks, and the drums are what’s flying the flag for the 70’s punk vibes. The combination works really well especially when mixed with the gritty/nasally vocals and the intricate bass riffs.

You can get The Split Seconds self titled album from bandcamp, itunes, or stream it over on spotify.



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