Interview: Fangclub – ‘Coma Happy’ EP

If you haven’t heard of Fangclub by now you’re either living in a hole or listening to the wrong music. With sounds that echo grunge legends Nirvana and Weezer, the rock trio from Dublin have just released their latest single “Dreamcatcher” which is getting plenty of plays across the country, alongside their previous EP track “Bullet Head”.


Having just announced their very own headline show in Whelans on February 4th 2017 after some very succesful touring in the UK, there’s just no stopping these lads! We caught up with Steve (guitar), Kevin (bass) and Dara (drums) at Universal HQ ahead of their new EP release Coma Happy later this week;

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Review: Boom Child ‘The Super Edible EP’


My introduction to Boom Child was at a gig when they supported Popgun Warfare’s EP launch, and to sum them up they are crazy, chaotic, and fun. Go see them live if you get a chance. They released their new 5 track EP The Super Edible EP in June. They claim it’s the first “100% edible music format.”  Their lyrics are witty and clever and the music is catchy as hell. I’m at a loss of who to compare them to, but they have hints of punk, funk, and pop.

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