Review: Boom Child ‘The Super Edible EP’


My introduction to Boom Child was at a gig when they supported Popgun Warfare’s EP launch, and to sum them up they are crazy, chaotic, and fun. Go see them live if you get a chance. They released their new 5 track EP The Super Edible EP in June. They claim it’s the first “100% edible music format.”  Their lyrics are witty and clever and the music is catchy as hell. I’m at a loss of who to compare them to, but they have hints of punk, funk, and pop.

Track number one is classily titled ‘I Want To Shift Your Sister’Track 3 ‘Wreckin’ My Head’ is my personal favourite. The chorus hook will be stuck in your head for days. It’s easy for a band with a tongue in cheek attitude to coast by on their comedic factor, but these guys are excellent musicians too. The raucous vocals fit their sound and it’s impossible to stay still while listening to them.

You can get The Super Edible EP  over on bandcamp.

Words by Lissa


What do YOU guys think?

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