New Music

Check out our favourite recent music releases!

spyFu- Burning Out

Galway band spyFu have released a catchy new single ‘Burning Out’.


Rikashay- Red Rover

Rikashay have released the second single ‘Red Rover’ from their upcoming EP The Days That You’ll Never Forget which will be released on January 19th.


Columbus- Say What You Want

My new favourite band Columbus have re-recorded their track ‘Say What You Want’ from their debut album Spring Forever. The new version features Alex Costello from Roam (who play Fibbers on the 27th of November with WSTR) and Jordan Black from Like Pacific.


The Bottom Line- Pull Me Out

The Bottom Line have released a new song taken from their upcoming EP I Still Hate You which is due out on January 12th.


Halflives- All The Things She Said

Halflives are bringing the nostalgia with a cover of t.A.T.u’s classic ‘All The Things She Said’ featuring Mercedes from Courage My Love.


Blank Parody- Locket Picture

‘Locket Picture’ is the latest track from Blank Parody and was produced by Jim Pinder and mastered by Geoff Pesche. Get the single here.


The Other Stars – You Looked Better At The Party

The Other Stars released a new track ‘You Looked Better At The Party’ taken from their album We Were Kids which is out now via Take This To Heart Records.


Can’t Swim- Stranger

Can’t Swim have released an amazing and emotional new song ‘Stranger’ with a video directed by  Marlon Brandope and Michael Higgs.


Woes- Winter Sun

Woes released a new song ahead of the release of their debut Self-Titled EP which is out on the 25th via Rude Records. Stoked for it.


Hey Violet- Guys My Age

Hey Violet performed their insanely good song ‘Guys My Age’ on the Late Late Show With James Corden.


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