Interview: June Divided

June divided are set to release their new EP Body Wars tomorrow, the 2nd of December 2016. The first single from the EP ‘I Didnt Mind’ marked their first release in 4 years, and was met with rave reviews, as well as giving us an insight on the new angle the band were taking with their music. We caught up with vocalist/guitarist  Melissa Menago ahead of the big day tomorrow.


Why did you choose the track ‘I Didn’t Mind‘ as the first single from the EP?

It felt like the first single to us. We asked opinions of close musical confidants and ‘I Didn’t Mind‘ was always mentioned too. It’s a fun song and it just felt right.

It’s a bit different from your previous music; is the new EP similarly different?

Yes, for the most part, the EP has an indie-pop-electronic-rock kind of vibe. There are a few tracks that may rock slightly harder than ‘I Didn’t Mind’- we wanted to throw a bone to people who have been with us since the beginning. Even on those slightly heavier tracks, you can still find different sounds and approaches like what’s on the rest of the record. Our sound is definitely poppier now, but we’ll always be some kind of rock band.

Where did you record Body Wars and who did you work with on it?

 We recorded most of this EP with Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday, Terrible Things, The Color Fred) in his home studio. Jason Elgin and Paul J Falcone mixed it, and Chris Gehringer mastered it. We had some great people on this!

 Who designed the awesome cover art for the EP?june-divided

I have the most talented friend, Lauren Fleming. She did my solo album cover as well. We’ve known each other for a while, and I was looking through her gallery one day and saw a picture she took that reminded me of Body Wars. I talked to her about creating the cover art, and she nailed it. It was important to me to work with an artist who really got what we were trying to say and do on this record, and Lauren was a perfect fit. Check out her beautiful work here.


Can we expect to see you over here in Europe some time soon?

 That would be a dream come true, so if you’re reading this, tell your friends! Tell all of them! Spread the word about us, and maybe our luck will pan out, hah.

You’ve shared the stage with some amazing people such as Twenty One Pilots, and Tegan & Sara, as well as playing Warped Tour. What has been the highlight for you so far as a band? 

We’ve had some amazing shows but the highlight for me would honestly be this EP, Body Wars, finally making it’s way out. We took a lot of risks on this one. We spent four years trying to make something to be really proud of. We experimented and wrote tons of songs before deciding on what would become Body Wars. There were fights, and setbacks, and moments where I thought it would never happen. Yet, somehow, I’m holding the physical copy in my hands right now, the four of us are closer than ever. We all love this record, and the love we’ve been getting from listeners has been more than we could have hoped for. This record making it here is definitely the highlight for me so far.

You’ve recently released another great track ‘Body Wars’; can you tell us a bit about what inspired the lyrics? 

When “Body Wars” was written, I knew it was the title track immediately.  It seemed to sum up a lot of what I was feeling while writing this EP. We all go through internal struggles at times, and I thought “Body Wars” was a good thing to call that feeling when your head and your heart don’t agree.

 june divided.png

What is the alternative music scene like in Philadelphia? Is there any small bands you’d recommend we check out?

Philly is incredible. It’s big enough of a city to feel like you’ve made an impact, but a small enough city to feel connected to everyone. It’s really wonderful. Check out our friends opening for us at our EP Release Show: The Superweaks, and PHNTMS. Both are cool bands, and hardworking people.

Lastly, what do you have planned for next year?

We have some shows in the works, a music video coming, and we’re really hoping to tour this EP everywhere. Spread the word and hopefully, we’ll see you in your city soon!

If you’re in Philly catch their release show on December 4th at Union Transfer.
 Meanwhile, us over here will keep our fingers crossed for a European tour and make sure to grab the EP tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Interview: June Divided

  1. Great EP. Being a rock (metal) oriented listener, “Take” caught me off guard during the first seconds, but the track opens up to more rock oriented music down the line and could very well be one of the best songs to hear live.
    I’m a European and I’m in Philly for the release show. Eat your heart out fello EUers 🙂

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