Review: Chewing On Tinfoil ‘Moving The Goalposts’

a2132359056_16Chewing On Tinfoil released their 5 track EP Moving The Goalposts on August 5th of this year. It’s the follow up to 2013’s well-loved Marrowbone Lane. With this new record they’ve shed most of the reggae and pop-punk elements to their sound and the result is a more wound down ska-punk.

The lyrics are filled with honest social commentary that sums up the Irish political unrest with a stark account of what it’s like to be a young adult in this country.

They’re already working on their next EP and recently released a video for the final track on Moving The Goalposts, ‘Marching In Time’, with tour footage edited together by Andrew Holohan. This is one of the best tracks on there and ends the EP on a high.

Chewing On Tinfoil are proof of just how good our music scene is, and with everything else in this country gone to shit, it’s nice to have something to be proud of. Get Moving The Goalposts now on bandcamp and iTunesThey’re playing Whelans on the 5th of December with The Scratch and all the proceeds are going to Barnardos.

Words by Lissa


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