Review: Hvmmingbyrd – EP ‘Know My Name’

Electronic-folk duo Hvmmingbyrd released their new EP Know My Name on September 16th, 2016. It was was co-produced with Aishling Jarvis, and Hvmmingbyrd consists of Deborah Byrne (vocals, guitar, drum machine) and Suzette Das (vocals, synth, loop machine).

The first track ‘If Love Was Enough’ was released in July. It’s a sensual, dated, pop track and deals with a gloomy theme surrounded with an intense sound. Irish radio stations picked up on the single and their music video features Eoin Macken (NBC’s The Night Shift actor). On this single, the duo shows off their performance set up with their vocal harmonies, guitar, vocal loops, drum machine, and percussion.

Their effortless harmonies and talent are defined throughout the EP. Their vocals are rich and smooth, and they intertwine with the classic melodies making the record a restful listen. The stripped back vocals and instrumental styles come together as one wonderful piece of work. Das’ and Byrne’s natural adaptation in their songwriting partnership is greatly noticed, both musically and lyrically.

The five tracks weave in and out of the atmospheric synths and beats combining their enchanting vocals. The duo certainly had a plan when writing the EP and pulled it together with self-confidence. Throughout the EP, the listener can hear a few influences like elements from Madonna, Ace of Base and Massive Attack. They’re headed in a different direction completely as the band has changed tastes from their early folk days to now making the music they want.


‘Never’ gives off the sense of their new confident side with their vocal harmonies and production style. In this track, there is an electronic backdrop adding a new layer separating the duo from other groups like themselves in the genre.

Know My Name embarks the band’s new journey with their music. They have crafted something unique with this record. It’s a pleasurable and stunning listen, emphasising Hvmmingbyrd’s rare talent. They aren’t playing it safe sticking to their beginning routes, but instead changing direction.

Check out Know My Name on Spotify and Itunes.

Words by by Danielle Holian


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