Lissa’s Top Picks For 2016

In no particular order, here’s what Lissa has had on repeat this year.

Against The Current- In Our Bones

With In Our Bones, Against The Current have achieved what they’ve always done and delivered the perfect blend of pop and rock. Their cover of My Chemical Romance’s ‘Teenagers’ on the Rock Sound Black Parade Tribute album is also worth checking out.

With Confidence- Better Weather

 Better Weather is an incredibly catchy album, by the second listen you’re singing along and the slower songs show just how good this band are at songwriting.  All of the songs are perfect sing-along tracks and I can’t wait to hear all these live, get on over here to Ireland lads.

Starters- A Picture Fading

Starters fiiinally released their last album A Picture Fading and it was completely worth the wait. The lyrics are so heartfelt, relateable, and way too real for me. I’m still in mourning about them tbh.

Anna's Anchor.jpg
Anna’s Anchor- Nautical Mile

I first heard Anna’s Anchor at an acoustic gig in Fibbers (I can’t pinpoint which one, there have been too many), and I knew these songs would be amazing on a record. They’re lovely.


Moose Blood.png
Moose Blood- Blush 

Moose Blood had a lot to live up to with their previous album I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time being one of the best albums ever createdbut they delivered. They dig more into the pop punk side of their music on this one but it’s still drenched in their now familiar emo-rock. Can’t wait to see these lads in January.



Wolves of Youth- Say Something 

Wolves Of Youth are an indie-rock band that are gonna be huuuuge. ‘Say Something’ was produced by Philip Magee and it’s catchy with a huge chorus and solid instrumental control.

Susie Blue- People Like Us 

‘People Like Us’ is a song that tackles societies intolerance and hatred towards the LGBT community around the world and it does so through beautiful crooning vocals and enthrallingly catchy music.

Columbus- Spring Forever 

Columbus kind of appeared out of nowhere and presented one of the best albums of the year. These guys are my new favourite band and when you give it a listen they’ll be yours too.


Brawlers- The Black EP 

The Black EP basically summarises the jaded feeling surrounding young people, from money issues, body issues, and boredom issues. It’s raw, fast, and energetically infectious.


What do YOU guys think?

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