Aoife’s Best of 2016

Even though we have lost some greats this year and witnessed some disturbing developments worldwide, we have also gained some great music both at home and abroad. To finish off 2016, Aoife has listed some of her favourite songs, albums and music videos from the alternative rock scene this year – check it out!

Best Song – “The Sound of Silence” – Disturbed

Originally written and recorded by Simon and Garkunfel in 1964, heavy-metal group Disturbed released their cover of “The Sound of Silence” in late 2015. It’s only in the last few months that this particular version has gotten some radio play, in Ireland at least, which has relaunched the classic in a completely different way! I’m not a HUGE fan of Disturbed in general but frontman and vocalist David Draiman has done a damn fine job.


Best Music Video – “Loner” – Fangclub

Dublin grungers Fangclub have been on a roll this year, having released their second EP Coma Happy back in November, as well as their first EP Bullet Head earlier in the year. Working alongside the band since the release of their hit “Bullet Head” has been budding cinematographer Finn Keenan, who produced all three single videos for the boys. My personal favourite (so far) was for “Loner” – a surreal yet concise portrayal of the madness that obviously swirls around the Cavan man’s head. Check it out!


Best Song Featured on a Soundtrack – “Heathens” – Suicide Squad

As bad as the film itself was (stay tuned for our Best and Worst Films of 2016!) you can’t deny that the soundtrack to DC’s Suicide Squad was pretty amazing. Featuring numerous acts such as Panic! At The Disco, Grimes and Skrillex, the highlight was the feature track “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots – these boys can do no wrong!


Best Album – Death of a Bachelor – Panic! At The Disco

Another band that really can do no wrong, even if they have moved slightly from their emo/pop-punk roots, are Panic! At The Disco. Their latest offering Death Of A Bachelor was released in January of this year and it was an immediate hit! Featuring singles “Emperor’s New Clothes” and feature track “Death Of A Bachelor” this was the album of the summer.


Best Gig – Funeral For A Friend (Birmingham)

Earlier this year, we said farewell to a band that has had a huge influence on Outcast and it’s crew – Funeral For A Friend. Established in 2001, the quintet called it a day with original band members, frontman Matthew Davies-Kreye and guitarist Kris Coombs-Roberts, having been with the band for 15 years. Their final tour this year, ‘Last Chance To Dance’, was a huge success with almost all shows selling out. We were lucky enough to catch the show in Birmingham back in April – needless to say it was amazing. For a full run down, check out our review of the tour from earlier in the year. I don’t think I can relive it again!


Let us know your favourites from 2016!! Comment below or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – Happy New Year everyone!


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