Best music videos of 2016

Anna’s Anchor- Signal Tower

Oscar Hackett / Long Lost Designs

This video was shot in 200 locations around Ireland and just makes me proud of how gorgeous our country is. The composition of the shots works so well to bring the backgrounds alive, I love it.

Sainte- Technicolour
Raul Gonzo

The king of colour Raul Gonzo created a visually stunning video for Sainte’s debut. The rich colours bring a new level to the lyrics and add an off-putting and powerful feeling behind them.


Fangclub- Dreamcatcher
Finn Keenan

This is just all your nightmares come to life. The editing and location is what pulls this video together, giving it the perfect creepy/claustrophobic feeling of bad dreams.


Neck Deep- Kali Ma
Elliott Ingham

I’m just a huge fan of Elliott Ingham‘s work. I love that he has a recognisable style that he creates through the angles and the blue and yellow/orange tones in his videos and photography. He always creates something simple but beautiful.


Moose Blood- Knuckles
Lewis Cater/Zebrafish Media

A cute little Little Miss Sunshine-esque story, but with werewolves, what’s not to love? It’s fun and adorable.




What do YOU guys think?

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