Time to go…. Outcast Magazine comes to an end.

It is with great sadness yet necessity that we at Outcast Magazine must announce that the site is coming to an end.


Myself and Melissa have had some amazing experiences, as well as educational, stressful and downright mind-blowing ones, over these past four years. Between meeting and interviewing some of our favourite acts to just getting feedback from you, our readers, it has all been worth the long hours, multiple jobs and everything inbetween.

We’d like to thank everyone we’ve worked with over the years, especially those at MCD and Slam Dunk Festival who gave us our first chances in breaking into ‘behind’ the alternative music scene. To all the bands and artists we have met and had the pleasure of interviewing, we thank you for taking the time to talk with us – we wish you all the best in the future.

And finally, to you our readers and followers. None of this would have happened if you all hadn’t taken an interest in what we were doing – every one of you made it worthwhile. We hope you continue to be good to each other, be good to yourselves and keep rockin’.


I think Gerard Way said it best when he said that MCR cannot die because it is not a band, it is an idea – we are all outcasts at some time in our lives and that’s what makes us a community. Keep thinking, keep living and talk to each other. We will always be here for you in the form of your friends, your family, even that random person sitting at the bus stop – talk to them and reach out if you feel you need to connect with someone. You are not alone, even if you’re not ok.

Peace out.

So long and good night,

Aoife and Melissa (Outcast Crew) ✌️

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What do YOU guys think?

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